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We are delighted to introduce ZEAL (PVT) LTD, an innovative and dynamic company ready to revolutionize the technology landscape. With a strong focus on sourcing and delivering cutting-edge solutions and exceptional customer experience, ZEAL is poised to become a leading player in the SI space in Sri Lanka and beyond.

Having established as D 3 WORLDWIDE (PVT) LTD in mid-2021, we have already acquired a strong foothold in the corporate and banking sectors. We are proud to share that we have recently rebranded as ZEAL (PVT) LTD, under the same Business Registration number (PV 00237929), effective from 11th May 2023.

ZEAL is a subsidiary of the renowned PORTLAND Group, which holds a prominent position in the Renewable Energy, Construction, and Tourism sectors. ZEAL is truly a Sri Lankan company, backed by the financial strength and expertise of The PORTLAND Group, as well as with their reputation as a leading Venture Capital in Sri Lanka.

Strength Behind Us

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